IDEAS ARE SILVER, VISION IS GOLD. KloosterVision is a small, multi-facettet visual design agency, located in Amsterdam. Operating within an extensive network of creative entrepreneurs, KloosterVision is fit to take on a wide range of projects. In collaboration with film makers, photographers, conceptual artists and sound engineneers, KloosterVision has delivered creative concepts to events and agencies in and around Amsterdam. KloosterVision’s core services are webdesign (in collaboration with Netplanet), logo and corporate design, flyers, printables and illustrations, substantiated with practical knowledge of communication, social media, branding and marketing. We work for entrepreneurs and companies that understand the importance of communicational quality, and wish to align their online and offline communication with deeper values, long term visions or short term goals. Ideas are a good start, but vision adds the magic.


Logo and corporate design, web design, illustration, animation, posters, flyers, labels and packaging.


KloosterVision works together with Netplanet (web development) and House of Chi (creative agency).


KloosterVision supports brands that spread positive vibrations, like Flower of Life (drink).


Examples of graphic design projects, websites, creative concepts and hand drawn illustrations.

DESIGN SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. In my work as a designer I aim to make balanced, creative and sustainable designs. Every decennium has its own design trends, but a logo is best when it lasts. Analogue drawing inspired my digital skills, it gives me a good understanding of shape and contrast. Contemporary technology and websites require responsive designs (fit for every screen size), and I’d like of myself a responsive designer. The challenge of a graphic designer is to be flexible and quick to adapt to needs and wishes of a client, without compromising the quality and originality of the work. Each trend has the intrinsic purpose to innovate and stretch horizons. I like to extract the essence of this purpose and apply it in a way that is timeless and strong.

If you are interested in design by KloosterVision, want to see more work, or have questions about services or prices, please contact Leonie Klooster. You can leave a message through the contact form below, send an email or whatsapp message, or call Leonie from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 18:00.

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